Kampfgruppen 12. SS Pz.Div. Hitlerjugend


Krause Kampfgruppe (13-16 Aug 1944)
I./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Krause)
Divisionsbegleitkompanie (Ostuf.Guntrum)
Two Tigers of Heavy SS-Panzer Abteilung 102
With two 7.5cm anti-tank guns
The waldmuller Kampfgruppe was incorporated into the Kampfgruppe Krause on August 13, 1944 with the following strength:
20 armored fighting vehicles
1 zug of panzergrenadiers in SPW
1 armored reconnaissance section
300 dismounted panzergrenaiders
1 8.8mm flak battery with 9 guns
1 37mm self-propelled flak battery
1 20mm self-propelled flak battery (14./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 under Hstuf.Stolze)
3 batteries of heavy field howitzers
1 battery of 10cm guns

Meyer Kampfgruppe (8-9 June 1944)

1./Rgt.12 (Hstuf.Berlin)
4./Rgt.12 (Hstuf.Pfeiffer)
15.(Aufkl)/Gre.Rgt.25 (Hstuf.von Buttner)
2.Bttr., Art.Rgt.12 (Ostuf.Timmerbeil)

Kampfgruppe Milius (3-4 Sep 1944)
Three weak battalions of 150-200 men each
Two pionier zugs
One Wespe (light self-propelled field howitzer)
One mixed battery of three light field howitzers, 2 heavy field howitzers and 200 shells
Ten rocket launchers with 251 rounds of ammunition
One 7.5cm PaK
One 8.8cm flak anti-tank gun

Kampfgruppe Mohnke (20-25 Aug 1944)
Parts of Feldersatzbattalion 12
Parts of Panzerregiment 12
I./Pz.Gre.Rgt.25 (Stubaf.Waldmuller)
II./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Siebken)

Aufklärungs Olboeter (2 Aug 1944)
(attached to the II.SS-Pz.Korp)
2./Rgt.12 (Ostuf.Gaede)
9./Pz-Gre.Rgt.26 (Oblt.Gobel)
1.Bttr., Art.Rgt.12 (Hstuf.Gille)
2 armored reccon squads from 1./SS-Aufklärungs-Abteilung "LSSAH"

Kampfgruppe Olboeter (17 Aug 1944)
III./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Olboeter)
Divisionsbegleitkompanie (Ostuf.Guntrum)
2 Tigers, 2 Panthers, 5 Flakpanzers and 2 assault guns

Waldmuller Kampfgruppe (8 Aug 1944)
Panzerabteilung with 39 Pz.IV's
One company of Heavy Panzer-Abteilung 101 with 10 Tigers
1./Pz.Jgr.Abt.12 (Ostuf.Hurdlebrink)
One Panzergrenadier Battalion
Divisionsbegleitkompanie (Ostuf.Guntrum)
I./Pz.Rgt.12 (Stubaf.Jurgensen)
II./Pz.Rgt.12 (Stubaf.Prinz)

Wünsche Kampfgruppe (25 June 1944)
I./Pz.Rgt.12 (Stubaf.Jurgensen) with three companies
Units of III./Pz.Rgt.26
Panzeraufklarungsabteilung 12 under Stubaf.Bremer with 3 kompanie (Ostuf.Keue); 4 kompanie (Ostuf.Beiersdorf KIA 26.6.44); 5 kompanie (Hstuf.v Reitzenstein)

Wünsche Kampfgruppe (16 July 1944)
Staff of Panzerregiment 12
One mixed Panzerabteilung, Staff of I./Pz.Rgt.12 with 18 PzIV
I./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Krause)
III./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Olboeter)
One battery of light self-propelled field howitzers of I./Art.Rgt.12, (abteilung commander Stubaf.Urbanitz)
1./Pz.Jgr.Abt.12 (Ostuf.Hurdlebrink) equipped with Jagdpanzer IV with 7.5cm PaK 39/L48

Wünsche Kampfgruppe (23 July 1944)

Reserve for the I.SS-Pz.Korps with 61 Panthers, 4 PzIV and 19 Tigers
Staff of Panzerregiment 12
I./Pz.Rgt.12 (Stubaf.Jurgensen)
III./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Olboeter)
I./Pz.Rgt.1 "LSSAH" (Stubaf.Kuhlmann)
Schwere SS Panzer Abteilung 101 (Ostubaf.Westernhagen)

Wünsche Kampfgruppe (7-8 Aug 1944)

Staff of Panzerregiment 12
Staff of I./Pz.Rgt.12, with three companies
I./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Krause)
III./Pz.Gre.Rgt.26 (Stubaf.Olboeter)
III./Art.Rgt.12 (Stubaf.Bartling) (reinforcement)
One company of Heavy Panzerabteilung 101